Why is the child often gets sick? The causes of infection in children

During the first years, the child often catches various infections. It is normal in this way train the immune system. But what if the child is often ill? Explain the cause of frequent infections in the child.

The child has a weaker resistance than adults, and this is still in contact with the microbes that cause infection in the nursery, school or on the playground. It is no wonder that the child often sick, especially in autumn and winter. A child aged 12 or under cold to 6-8 times a year should not be a cause for concern. To this age develop immunity to infection in children. However, if you notice that your child gets sick more often than other babies, long recovers or disease have extremely severe, it is good to find the cause of frequent infections. This allows you to be with them more effectively combat and reduce the frequency of colds in children. Why is the child often gets sick?
The child is often ill causes of allergy

Allergies - persistent cough and runny nose in children, endless colds, which can not be the end of the cure - it signals that may indicate sensitization. Allergies can cause frequent infections in the child. Allergy increases the tendency to catch the infection and prolongs their duration. Recurrent children upper respiratory tract infection may in fact mean asthma. About allergic rhinitis can provide more than a week, especially when discharge is profuse and watery. To exclude or confirm an allergy, please report your child to an allergist.
Infection in children causes the immune system

Primary immunodeficiency (PID) - this is the innate immune system damage. PNO may be suspected when a child catches a cold more often than 6-8 times a year, when the child is often ill and often taking antibiotics without visible improvement, at least twice a year suffer from sinusitis or pneumonia, has been to inhibit growth or weight gain the body, repeated skin abscesses or organs, resistant to treatment with oral candidiasis or the skin, there have been severe infections of the brain, bone, muscle, skin, or sepsis. Even one of these factors occurring in a child should be consulted with a doctor, because there is the possibility of PNO in the child. If the suspicions are confirmed, the child is referred for outpatient treatment of immune disorders.
Infections in children: the lack of proper habits

The lack of healthy habits might also cause frequent infections in children. Can not be fully eliminate bacteria and viruses in our lives, it would not be advisable anyway. However, it is important to teach the child to washed your hands after returning from the court, after using the toilet and before eating. Child allergic to food is not bitten by another child sandwiches and apples, not drank from the same bottle.
The child often suffers from cigarette smoking with child

Smoking cigarettes with the baby - fatally affects not only the immunity in children, but also for the whole development of the child. Increases the risk of cot death. Children of smokers more likely to catch infections more often have asthma and allergy in the future as cancer. And to have worse cognitive ability, poorer academic performance, they are lower and often hyperactive.
Sick child: poor diet

Few varied diet is also a reason why the child often sick. The menu of the child must abound in products that contain essential for immunity ingredients: Vitamin C and other vitamins and microelements. The sources of these ingredients must be natural - artificial vitamins added to candy or cereal will not work as these with fresh fruits and vegetables. We must also take care of the presence of prebiotics in the diet of children (eg. With onions, garlic, leeks, asparagus, chicory, bananas) and probiotics (contained in yoghurts, kefirach, pickled cucumbers and cabbage).
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