Syrup of onion - how to do it and what does it. The recipe for syrup with onions

 Syrup of onions - already our grandmothers knew its effects. Do syrup from onions is actually effective? They healed him cold. It was indispensable cough medicine. Even among doctors opinion on the issue are divided - some offer him the youngest patients, as the best home remedy for colds. Others believe that such natural medicine for a child borne liver. See how to make syrup with onions and when they give it to the baby.

Not without reason, our grandmothers so praised the action of syrup with onions. We already know that homemade onion syrup contains many vitamins acting strongly disinfectant and soothing. Complements the deficiency of vitamins C, A, B1, B2, PP, and many trace elements: zinc-building resistance to antiviral, anti-atherogenic selenium, phosphorus being the building blocks of bones and calcium. Do syrup from onions is good for children? How do yourself a syrup that will be homemade for colds in children.
How to Make a syrup with onions - recipe

Peel two or three onions (to reduce the secretion of irritants, before the processing of onions moisten the knife - I will not they then ulatniały and combine with water). Finely chop and charge fairly liberally with sugar. You can also pour honey (this version of the syrup will be healthier, provided that the child does not have allergies of honey). The whole set aside, covered, for about five hours until the onions empty juice and syrup with onions ready. Syrup of onions is good for cough in children, cold, and even a runny nose.

Remember! Even though onion syrup as a home a way for colds in children is generally available ingredients, feed it to the baby as a natural cure. If you will order his doctor, ask exactly dosing syrup with onions. Usually advisable to give children two to three times a day with onion syrup on a spoon.
Syrup of onions - home way from hay

Syrup of onions can also be used as a home way to cold. If umoczysz in syrup with onions and holding the swab into nostril of the child (Brush gently with nostrils), syrup also helps hay.
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