Tooth decay products: causes, symptoms, treatment

Tooth decay is a disease of milk. Few parents aware of this issue, starting with the assumption that milk teeth does not make sense to treat, because so fall out. And the truth is brutal: the state of the milk teeth depends on the state of permanent teeth. So if we neglect the treatment of dental caries of milk, the child will have enormous problems with the teeth later in life. It may also have poorly developed jaw bone, malocclusion, and later Ordinary missing teeth. Tooth decay products: Read the causes, symptoms and treatment.

Tooth decay products is progressing rapidly. Many parents even notices it, and when something starts to happen, it may already be too late. And often it happens, as evidenced by the growing number of extraction of milk teeth in children. Data from dental surgeries are frightening: 77 percent of six year olds have caries. Not only that: it already has a 65 percent year olds! What to do to prevent the decay of primary teeth?
Tooth decay products: the cause of dental caries in children

Tooth decay products created for three reasons: the susceptibility of tissue (maybe mom or dad had poor teeth or periodontitis, and the child inherited from their problems), poor dietary habits and oral hygiene inaccurate. Most, however, cause tooth decay in children two factors. Sweets, sodas, lack of prevention and inaccurate brushing or no brushing (!) Makes more and more preschoolers has broken teeth. And such failures later he can not be repaired.

The causes of tooth decay in children:

    bottle tooth decay - most often occurs in babies who drink a lot during the night or fall asleep with a bottle. At night, it reduced saliva production, who obmywałaby teeth of food. Bacteria feeding on sugars begin to multiply and so quickly on the front teeth appear black plamkil. This is the beginning of caries the bottle. If parents do not react in time (and see these spots it is difficult, so it's important are regular visits to the dentists), humus move to the hitherto healthy teeth
    poor dental tissue calcification - the poor quality of the enamel
    lack of oral hygiene
    poor oral hygiene - brushing his teeth inaccurate deposition of plaque
    inappropriate eating habits - a lot of simple sugars, frequent consumption of sweets and fruits
    often reaching for snacks

Tooth decay products: how?

Contrary to appearances, milk tooth decay does not begin with brown or black spots on teeth. The first symptom is a chalky change, which can be seen on the smooth surface of the tooth. The so-called. carious spot is dull, which clearly distances itself from healthy, shiny part of the tooth. If parents notice her and soon will go with the child to the dentist, tooth decay will quickly be eliminated. Stain caries is the initial symptom of a disease that does not involve the dentin of the tooth, but only the enamel. The surface can be cured using remineralizing preparations (eg. The appropriate paste). Otherwise, the stain will grow and take on typical brown or black color. Blur will also carious dentin, turning into humus average, and sometimes also affect the pulp of the tooth.
Tooth decay products: how to grow?

Milk tooth decay very fast. Milk teeth are less mineralized than the permanent teeth have thinner enamel and dentin layer thinner. The pulp while the take up much space, because it touches decay quickly. And as already occurs, but becomes very painful (due to the presence of nerve).

Tooth decay products: treatment

Treatment of milk tooth decay depends on its severity. In the first phase, when we are dealing only with stains próchnicowymi, just remineralization of teeth. Humus then should not proceed. In the next, when the dentine caries already covered, it will be necessary to remove the defect and to complement it with a seal.

The worst is when decay of primary teeth touch the tooth pulp. Then you need to perform a root canal treatment, in severe cases, even The extraction. Root canal treatment is different than in adults. The dentist does not clean needles child channels, and many parents think that this is how it looks and give up the treatment, hoping to save a child suffering. In reality, however, he makes him pain. Root canal treatment in children involves cleaning dentin and pulp decay and the assumption of paste that will cause death of nerve. Then, on the next visit to the dentist cleans the tooth and puts a bactericidal drug. Then the tooth is closed and sealed.

Milk tooth decay and extraction by. Whether to remove milk teeth?

Dentists say that milk teeth should not be removed. It is better to cure them, because in this way we eliminate oral bacteria (and when they get rozpełzną and also master the gums, the permanent teeth will also be exposed to decay). Failure to remove the teeth increase the chances of normal growth of permanent teeth - jaw bone will be better educated and teeth straight-set. Maybe this also avoid costly visits to the orthodontist.

We must also remember that the extraction by a serious interference in the body. If your child has a low resistance, a weak heart, adopt permanently any medications or has allergies, the parents together dentist should consider extraction.
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