How to prevent cavities? Giving your child sugar-free CANDIES

More and more children have terrible teeth and advanced decay. Favored by not only bad hygiene habits and the lack of prevention, but also too much sweets and sugar in the diet. Fortunately, scientists have created sugar-free candy ... to prevent tooth decay in children.

Teeth Polish children are in worse shape than those across the Oder River. For this state of affairs are primarily responsible parents who do not teach their respective hygiene habits - usually because they do not apply. Children can not properly brush your teeth, and at nitkowaniu in many Polish homes no one knew. Do not be surprised, then, that in a short time causes immense decay and gum inflammation. What to do to prevent cavities in children?
Tooth decay in children: take care of hygiene!

Prevention is the key to success. It is not worth to forgive the children brush their teeth, even when very whine and say they are tired. This not washing in the future will result in huge problems with teeth, advanced tooth decay, cavities, root canal therapy, and perhaps even removal of teeth.

To prevent tooth decay in children, they should be first of all to learn proper brushing and flossing your teeth. It is necessary to also use anti-microbial fluids, which will prevent the formation of plaque, responsible for the formation of inflammation.
Tooth decay in children: use sugar-free candy

It's the latest invention of German scientists. They have developed a special recipe candies that ... do not contain sugar. The composition of points while dead bacteria, including lactic acid to leach caries bacteria from the mouth. To prevent tooth decay in children, so you can give him a special sucking candy.

The efficacy of such candy has already been confirmed in the tests. Those who took part in them could not during the test wash or rinse your teeth and eat any yogurt. It turned out that sucking candies reduced the caries bacteria levels by 75 percent.
Tooth decay in children: Come on checks!

Of course, even sucking sugarless candy is no substitute for control visits to the dentist. To prevent tooth decay in children, you systematically go with him to the dentist. Ideally, that such visits take place every six months - then you will be able to make sure that even with the emergence of a small defect, it will be cured in time.
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