How to encourage your child to brush their teeth 3 proven ways

How to encourage your child to brush their teeth - it is a question parents ask themselves almost all the children who are not always enthusiastic about this activity. Fortunately, there are ways to make him the youngest had not seen her duty and pleasure. See you!

The attention to oral hygiene is associated not the most pleasant: with painful dental visits and the need for brushing teeth. Habits and experiences from childhood memory of a sinister stomatologu and how my mother forced to brushing teeth in the morning and evening, are in us for a long time. A parent who has been so raised, similar attitudes are often sent their child. Meanwhile, there are many enjoyable ways to convince a child to care first for their milk teeth, permanent teeth later and realize that not approached for oral hygiene with a negative attitude. Here is effective ideas on how to encourage your child to brush their teeth.

How to encourage your child to brush their teeth: fun is the key

To a child washed your teeth with joy, he should submit this step in a positive light. Therefore it is good that, as far as possible, the parent brushed his teeth with it. As a result, the wash will be for a child is natural that through his life from the very beginning. And yet not widely known that "the shell as a young man soaked, it smacks of old age." Such a common washing may also be accompanied by appropriate musical setting. On the Internet and on CD are available a lot of "teeth" hit, with the song "brush, paste, Mug, Hot Water" Famous Beans at the helm. Her playing can be set to exactly two minutes, which is what should take one session brushing your teeth. That's not all - even created a special application for smartphones "Clean Teeth," whose characters - Shepherd - encourage children to brush their teeth, explaining to them the usefulness of classes in short, just two-minute, song. With this solution, you will not need to look for answers to the question "how to encourage your child to brush their teeth," because in general will not be a problem for him. You will not be perceived as an obligation and as fun.
How to encourage your child to brush their teeth: first visit to the dentist

Yes, a visit to the dentist can encourage the child to brushing teeth. It should go with him to visit adaptive, during which the doctor will explain to him what constitutes such visits and why you should care for your teeth. Children's dentist have a full arsenal of interesting teaching aids and more. The child, visiting a doctor for the first time, he learns office: that your toddler does not want to sit on a big dental chair, which in addition can vary the height? The youngest also learn all the facilities which operates a dentist, you can get stickers, brochures, booklets on oral hygiene in the lead role, which fascinate them, and not get bored. Your doctor will also tell what impact is brushing your teeth on our health. Of course, everything depends on the person, however, especially in larger cities, there is a problem choosing a dentist for children, which in a positive light and as the most attractive form of child tell him about brushing your teeth.

How to encourage your child to brush their teeth: the right approach to child

Remember to not provide your child to brush their teeth, it tells us that if it did not will await them painful visits to the dentist, spoiled and black teeth, and thus - ugly appearance. Even if such threatening acts on a child's tooth brushing is the result of precisely these concerns, and not happily performed the act. How to encourage your child to brush their teeth? Not adjusting it negatively: not emphasizing on every step, that their unbrushed will end badly for him, not creating the image of a dentist as a person who inflicts pain. It does not pay child also bestowing awards after each brushing. It gets used to the fact that this is not such a simple act, but a unique, behind which there is always something receives. It will be easier also refuse to him: "today I do not wash your teeth, once I get the prize, it's hard." This does not mean, however, that taking care of oral hygiene can not be done without some ceremonies. It should jointly go to the store and choose toothpaste and toothbrushes for children further. The selection is huge, the available models of toothbrushes delight colors and patterns - also with the heroes of the children's favorite fairy tales - a paste - flavors (interestingly, no toothpaste chocolate-flavored baby would not get used to it). After each brushing child can attach a sticker in the bathroom. There are even special toys, aids the youngest in the care of oral hygiene. Eg. They take the form of animals, who need to brush your teeth. There are also books, telling children about issues related to the teeth and special educational videos.
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