Medicines for flu: do give your child antibiotics?

When a child is sick, parents run to the doctor, hoping that he will prescribe medication for flu and toddler quick return to health. Are drugs and antibiotics in general operate the flu?

Influenza is a viral disease which collects the greatest harvest of autumn to early spring. Transmitted by droplet infection, so when one household member is sick, there is a good chance that it will soon join the rest of the family. And drugs for flu are of little pass - because it is a viral disease, simply will not run.

Medicines for flu: give your child antibiotics?

Flu is a disease that needs to be wyleżeć. The body has to handle on their own with the virus, and no medication for influenza and in fact it will help. Antibiotics may actually harm, because they kill bacteria in the body - both bad and good. Even virus will not touch, so receiving them is not in this case make any sense.

A child being sick with the flu, you may use drugs with antipyretic or those combat runny nose or cough. These diseases do not overtake, but make the child will be easier to pass the flu.

Medicines for flu: what to do when your doctor prescribes antibiotics?

When a child sick with the flu and the doctor says that you must give him antibiotics, the parent should ask why you made this decision. If the pediatrician will answer that the child is suffering from strep throat, ear infections, pneumonia or abscess okołogardłowy, really you need to take antibiotics.
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