Sensitization to water: causes, symptoms, allergy treatment

Water is allergic to this type of allergy that hard to imagine. First of all, because liquid water is essential to life. What are the causes and symptoms of allergy to water and how to deal with it? Who touches the most?

Sensitization of the water is touching the skin allergy. This term may lie actually a few ailments. If the contact of the skin with water, allergic reaction, it may be caused by chemical compounds contained in the water, eg. Chlorine. Extremely rare allergy to water alone. Then sensitize not only the fluid flying from the tap, but also our own sweat and tears, secretions of other people, rain, etc. An extreme variant was observed in dozens of patients globally.

Sensitization to water: what are the symptoms of allergy to water?

Skin allergies manifest themselves very similar. We feel the itching, burning and tingling. We can observe redness around the body or in some places. Other symptoms of allergy are blemishes, pimples, hives, multiple or finally pain. Sensitization occurs after a few or several minutes after contact with water. It goes after several hours.
Sensitization to water: how to check what type of allergy suffering?

Of course, you will need to visit with an allergist. In domestic terms, however, we can conduct an experiment that will show us if the allergen is the same water or chlorine or heavy metals. To do this, pour one hand with distilled water and the other with tap water. If the reaction occurs on both legs sensitizing factor is the water itself.

Sensitization to water: how to deal with an allergy to water?

Allergy to water is very troublesome, because difficult personal hygiene. We can not eliminate life washing up, because apart from the discomfort for us and the environment, nabawimy in the long run another skin disease. People with an allergy will bathe less frequently than healthy. They should also obtain a special creams. With this type of allergy proper procedure indicates first and foremost a doctor. It is logical that with this type of sensitization fall off a pleasure, a pool and cooling in the fountain or water curtain on hot days.

Allergy to water is one of the most troublesome allergies. First of all, because a life without daily personal hygiene is indeed possible, but extremely difficult. Allergy to water is similar in weight allergic to the sun, you also need to function healthily.
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