Pinworms in children: symptoms, treatment and prevention of pinworms in children

 Pinworms in children is fairly common phenomenon. The parasites attack the youngest just because. Read what the symptoms of pinworms give the child and how you can fight them!

Pinworms are parasites that attack the most children but can also occur in adults who do not wash their hands frequently enough. Helictotrichon exposures are also those who work every day with children: teachers, hospital children's wards, orderlies and cleaners. Check what they are pinworms a child, what are the symptoms of their existence in the body and methods of treatment.
Pinworms in children: crawling thread

Pinworms are parasites in a child from a group of nematodes. They are white and appear transparent. The female is about 1 cm in length and 4 mm in width, while the male is much smaller and is difficult to see with the naked eye. Pinworms in children begin their lives in the small intestine, from where moving first to the ileum, and later to the blind. Here they feed and reach mature form. Adult females migrate towards the anus at night to lay their eggs there. They flow out and crawl over the skin of the crotch. It was at this point you can notice symptoms owsików and the child scratching, moving infection. Larvae owsików child hatch after six hours and returned through the large intestine into the abdominal cavity. Female threadworm, but lives only 20 to 30 days may make a one-off up to 11,000 eggs.

Pinworms in children: symptoms

Sometimes the infection threadworms a child has no symptoms. Most, however, pinworms cause annoying itching around the anus, because children tend to be restless, sometimes steep at night, and even tend to have trouble in school because they can not concentrate.

There are also usually poor appetite and gain weight. In girls owsików larvae can cause inflammation of the vagina, inflammation of the uterus and oviducts. Mature parasites also nest in the appendix and can cause the inflammation. The most dangerous complications cause pinworms, which spilled into the peritoneal cavity and there will form tumors called. granulomas. Individual larvae owsików hard to see, but when you multiply excessively in the feces child can clearly see the white, briskly moving to jednocentymetrowe worms. If you see it, go immediately with the child to the pediatrician.

Pinworms in children: how to prevent pinworms in children?

    Wash your hands after returning home, before every meal and after using the restroom; make sure your children do the same.
    Cut the nails short children.
    Discourage children nail biting, licking your fingers, hold the pen in his mouth.
    Children scour the morning and at bedtime with soap and water.
    Toys scrub with soap and rinse under running water, especially those carried out of the yard.

Pinworms in children: diagnosis and research

Your doctor should have performed the so-called. swab for pinworms. How does a smear? With the anal area resulted in a special swab moistened cellophane secretions collected for examination under a microscope. Research also feces to exclude the presence of other parasites. Pinworms swab on the child's best collected in the morning just after waking up, before flushing. Swab done with cellophane tape or a cellophane adhesive tape.
Pinworms in children hygiene during treatment

    Children should not sleep with adults
    We change underwear every day
    At night we assume the child tight panties to make it difficult scratching
    Nightwear every day we wash
    Towels and kitchen towels every day boil and ironed
    Furniture and floor wipe thoroughly wet; and after each cleaning rag cook

Pinworms in children: treatment for the household

When it detects a child owsików treatment must be everyone in the house. Depending on the formulation treatment is repeated after 7, 15 or 20 days. After that usually gets swab again. If your child was just annoying itching, you sap them with soap and water and dry skin lubricated for example. Sudocremem. When it came to light, do not use soap because it irritates, but use sitz baths in the infusion of chamomile or oak bark. Then do not wipe the skin, just gently dry it. We can apply the backfill powdery. On the menu of the family you need to increase the amount of foods rich in fiber, ie fruit and vegetables. Regular bowel movements allow for faster you get rid of owsików and their larvae.
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