What to do to the child is not afraid of the dentist? 8 ways to visit with your child to the dentist without pain and fear

What to do to the child is not afraid of the dentist? Fear of the dentist is a problem most parents who face the challenge of treating a child's teeth. So let's prepare for this. Here are 8 ways on how to protect your child from the trauma associated with dental visits.
Child dentist: start early

The earlier the dental visit, the better. The first visit to the dentist should take the child turns one year old, or before he starts teething toddler - recommended the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. At the age of 2-3 years, in turn, recommended the so-called. adaptive visit, during which the child learns in a stress-free atmosphere study, learn brushing, will take part in special games and activities that tame it with the place, but also a doctor. What is important, your child will be just sit back and play, eg. A mirror or intraoral camera. - The first visit can not be associated with any surgery and pain. It must be a kind of knowledge of the land and befriend the office. If your child will have positive memories of visits, for example. Associated with fun inflatable gloves, eager to return there for another visit - says the drug. DDS. Wojciech Fąferko of Dentim Clinic in Katowice.

Child dentist: not teach a child fear

Huge including the role of parents. Before you choose a dentist, not a negative child Anger and not przenośmy him your fears. It is important to build positive around the visiting associations. - Let's not talk your child how much it hurt us tooth extraction, also try to avoid phrases like "nothing will hurt", "do not worry" or "everything will be fine". Let's make a list of words banned, containing such words as such. "Injection", "needle", "pain", "blood" - says Dr. Fąferko. - Let us build for a positive story about the visit. Let's talk about what's interesting in the study of magic cameras that see Sugar bacteria, funny tube, which buzz like bees. A trip to the dentist should be as interesting as a trip to the planetarium or the zoo - he says.
Child dentist: Replace salon in office

So you may want to practice it at home. Experts recommend even arrange a small office at home, where the child will be able to examine all of its bowl. This exercise can be done either before the first visit adaptive, and shortly after her - Let's show your child that the dentist is an adventure that can be continued at home. Let's organize competitions with brushing, review of all dolls and teddy bears, replace it in plain chair in the dentist chair, baby let's show X-ray images. It is important that your child fascinated by the subject, then before the visit will be interesting what will happen - advises specialist.

Child dentist: save the child pain

Also important is the moment in which we're going to the dentist. - Do not wait for pain. If you visit a 2- or 3-year-old will be associated with a toothache, the dentist forever will associate him with something unpleasant. The more that this visit represents for him often boronizing and anesthetic injection - says the specialist. With the latter we should be careful. Most of the children because not tolerate the mere sight of the syringe, which are known them well with a pediatrician offices. - If your child falls into tears at the sight of a syringe us choose a dentist who anesthetized using a computer Wand. Wand looks like a magic wand or pen, and with his help provide anesthesia for a child gentle and painless - says Dr. Fąferko.
Child dentist: reward after a visit

It is also essential to how we behave after the visit. Experts recommend that reinforce positive behavior of the child. What does this mean in practice? - Do not obiecujmy baby toys in exchange for it would be polite but rewarding them for the visit. The reward can be a simple hug or kiss a child, something that will make them feel safe. We also look after small gifts such. Stuffed animals or eg. A trip to the zoo. It will make each subsequent visit, will have additional positive association - says Dr. Fąferko.

Child dentist: what else should I do?

How we can help your child get through the visit? It should take for themselves any dispersers, eg. A favorite toy, a pillow or a book, that child will be with you during your visit. You can also visit the Cabinet, which eg. Displays a fairy tale when you visit your child in the seat or uses all kinds of techniques such as cutting surgery. By donning headphones with music. Also, the same treatment can be more enjoyable child. In Poland, there are already clinics that not only anesthetic gently with a wand, but also those that treat tooth decay without pain using ozone instead of traditional drill.
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