NATURAL VITAMIN: feed the child rather than supplements from the pharmacy

Serve your child supplements or not? And if so, what are they? We explain that vitamin give your baby and have not been, and where to look for their natural resources.
The analysis conducted by the National Health Care System show that every third child aged up to 3 years old gets additional vitamins and minerals. Is it really that much kids need additional support in the form of multivitamin supplements?

In my opinion, far too many children get such preparations. Parents certainly serve them in good faith, trusting the advertising ensures that vitamins are essential for proper child development. Ads, however, not quite telling the truth. Vitamins of course are necessary, but they must be natural vitamins, supplied with food. Synthetic vitamin is simply a chemical compound, while in nature vitamins are present as a group. They have so little other action.
Does this mean that it is better not to give children vitamin supplements?

Not exactly. Such supplements are often desirable in certain situations, such as when long-term disease and related disorders diet or after the antibiotic treatment. There are also clinical situations, such as malabsorption, short bowel or diarrhea, when the vitamin is not enough and must be supplementation. But then about what vitamins your child gets, how many you need to be on and for how long, choosing a doctor, not a parent.
Why is that? Could this be related to a possible overdose?

Yes and no. Water-soluble vitamins virtually impossible to overdose - the excess is removed in the urine. Reported in clinical groups hiperwitaminowe are mainly fat-soluble vitamins, such as for example vitamin A, though, and this group of vitamins are of low toxicity, excessive consumption does not give symptoms of poisoning. But it's not just about the overdose. In the body, the most important thing is balance, and excess vitamins can displace other valuable ingredients. It turned out that the prophylactic administration of vitamins can give more harm than good. Done on this research, which, however, was stopped for ethical reasons, because the test persons appeared strong side effects. However, all medical associations withdrew from the recommendations of prophylactic multivitamin supplements. This recommendation does not apply to vitamin K, which needs to be given to infants breastfed for the first three months of his life, as well as vitamin D, which, without exception, all children should receive.
Why vitamin D is an exception?

Because its deficiency has a negative effect on bones, teeth, resilience, while Polish children still miss her, as confirmed by various studies. Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin, but then in fear of UV rays protect children from the sun. The diet of toddlers too rarely, there are also foods that are rich in this vitamin, so fish and oils. Therefore, it should be given in addition. But beware - not on their own. How much vitamin D should get child additionally it depends on how breastfeeding. Calculate the daily dose is safer to leave it to the doctor.
And what poradziłaby Mrs. parents fearing that children have enough vitamins? This problem becomes alive especially in summer when many parents prophylactically administered to children begins vitamins to fortify them before the season of autumn infection.

I would say, to draw close attention to what your child eats. The basis for the child's health is adequate diet. For some parents, it seems that nothing will happen if a child once again get a hamburger for lunch or did not eat a meal - after giving him vitamins, and so the body still gets its due portion of nutrients. Nothing could be further from the truth! Such an approach sooner or later take revenge on the health of children. The basis of the diet should be the products of natural, unprocessed, of which we prepare home-cooked meals. Many people reach for the vitamin, believing that they are good for the child. It's a myth, a marketing gimmick. Let's take these breakfast cereals that morning, landing in bowls of many youngsters. In many of them out of sugar, sometimes dyes, added fat and salt nothing. And, I'm sorry - sometimes even synthetic vitamins. It's like fast food, only for children. Much more valuable are the usual oatmeal. Examples could be multiplied, but the principle is the same - the less processed the food is, the more valuable for your health. It is worth remembering also, when a child becomes ill. In such cases, it is often advisable vitamin C, which seals the endothelium and shortens the infection. The source may be tablets, but more effective is that from natural sources, for example, freshly squeezed juices. If your doctor advises her sick child to take additional supplements, it is better to wait for the recovery period.
In pharmacies can be purchased fortified with vitamins lollipops and chewing gum, food stores are sweets vitamins. Is it worth your child buy a candy instead of biscuits or chocolate?

I advise against buying such products. This is the same as any other candy, so that with a larger addition of plastic substances, in this case of synthetic vitamins. Why buy them a child? Instead, let's give him an apple, a piece of carrot, banana.
What meals should be in the children's menu that my mother was calm, that malcowi no shortage of vitamins?

It depends on the child's age, his health, whether you are allergic or not. Laying the menu is not easy, you should consult on this matter with a nutritionist, especially if the child can not eat certain products, or they do not like. The dietitian will determine their replacements, composing daily menus so that the diet met the full need for all nutrients. If the child is eater, worth more likely to go out with him on the court, because the fresh air and exercise stimulate the appetite. Neither diet, or lifestyle can not be replaced tablets.
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