What every day we harm your children?

Every parent wants for their child best, but sometimes make mistakes due to ignorance. See how harming their children to know what to avoid.

The most common mistakes are obviously habits. Although parents know that a child should not get sweets, and his diet must abound in fruits and vegetables, in practice, a child's diet in Poland does not look good. This is what most often harms children:

    processed foods, full of harmful food additives and low in nutrients. The parents give the child the finished products having little in common with the natural, considering they do not have time to prepare real food. However, the benefit is only apparent, because the processed products (such as ready meals, cereals, sugary drinks, deserki dairy, meats) harm the child, cause health problems, and this is usually more expensive than fresh unprocessed food, such as cereal, fruit , vegetables, fish and nuts. Pay attention to not give your child anything that contains glucose-fructose syrup and hydrogenated fats - these ingredients increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
    overfeeding children, forced to eat and reconciliation for it to eat anything, "that's just something they ate" harms children. The lack of consistency and the belief that "the more, the better", leads to the fact that children eat too much, but we lack the nutrients. This is so because given the baby food has a low nutrient density. The result is an overweight, obesity and related health consequences and harmful eating habits and a penchant for little varied meals. The mistake parents are also succumbing to the child - if your toddler once refused to eat any of the components, give up right away, while your child enjoy the product, you give it to him several times, until it succeeds. Parents prefer, however, for the sake of peace give the child something it likes - sausage or sweet cheese. On the other hand, is not worth it to force feed a child - a healthy body is not allowed to starvation. Therefore, it is sometimes helpful to trust a child who does not want to eat any more, unless after 15 minutes, ask for a candy bar.
    too much sugar in the diet of the child. Sugar is present not only in candy bars and cookies, but also in all the juices, flavored waters, deserkach milk, fruit yogurt, breakfast cereals, jams, creams bread. Therefore, all these products should be regarded as confectionery and served occasionally.

What else harm children?

    avoiding walks. We fear that the toddler to catch cold if we go out with him outside when it is cold or there is no sun. Meanwhile, the opposite is true - the child will get sick when too rarely will the outdoors. Spacerujmy every day, even in the rain and cold, except for the special heat, frost below -10 degrees and strong wind combined with frost, and the downpour.
    vaccinating children. Vaccinated child, let him avoid serious illnesses and serious complications that may end up being even death. The threat is becoming more real because more and more parents avoid vaccination of children. For this reason, the disease returns have occurred very rarely, eg. Measles and mumps.
    feeding supplements - parents give the child a colorful pills and syrups, thinking that they are doing something good. By contrast, artificial vitamins do not replace these natural, but can have side effects, eg. To contribute to the development of diseases. Supplementation should be done only with a doctor's recommendation.
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