Stroke in children: heat stroke symptoms and treatment

Stroke in children is a serious threat to life. It reveals a very high body temperature, reaching over 40 degrees Celsius. As a result of congestion meningitis leads to rapid loss of consciousness, and consequently even death. Stroke in children: read, what are the symptoms of sunstroke, how to prevent it and how to treat it.

Stroke in children is a life threatening condition. To heat stroke occurs as a result of overexploitation of the body to the sun - spending time on a sunny area without a hat and sunscreen. That is why it is so important to a child at each exit to the outside was head cap or hat, free time hanging out in the shade under an umbrella (after having lubricated body cream with filter) and systematically taken any liquids.

The impactor of the child occurs in the situation in which excessively heated body is able to cool off. He can not get rid of excess heat because sweat glands stop working. So instead of wasting the temperature, the body heats up even more - up to 42 degrees Celsius.

Sunstroke: Symptoms

Stroke in children charakterują:

    headaches and dizziness
    nausea and vomiting
    strong redness and dryness of the skin
    sunburns and second degree
    high fever
    difficulty breathing, rapid breathing
    crying and listless
    general weakness, exhaustion of the body

Sunstroke: first aid

When you notice that after a stay in the sun child is listless, moody, complaining of headaches and malaise, immediately draw near to the action.

    Let the child in shady and airy place
    Let's change his clothes for such, so that the skin will be able to breathe or rozepnijmy the one that is wearing
    Nawodnijmy body, providing drinking water or isotonic drink
    Przyłóżmy head and neck cold compress to reduce body temperature with cold bath or let
    Masujmy hands and feet of the child, to help proper blood circulation

Sunstroke: what to do

If you stay on the sunny area of ​​child complains of poor mood, but no vomiting, no fever, chills or skin burns, does not call an ambulance, but udzielmy his domestic help. After hydration of the body and cooling

If necessary or anxiety about the health of the daughter or son, wezwijmy doctor. In other cases (where there are the aforementioned symptoms) immediately invoke the emergency room.

Sunstroke: treatment

Treatment of heatstroke is to cooling the body temperature and body hydration. In addition to applying cold compresses, we can also take advantage of the cooling gels available in pharmacies. If you do not have them just at hand, and we see that the child is hot, we apply a compress instead of ice cubes. Przyłóżmy them to his forehead, neck, neck and armpits. When the body temperature will continue to fall, get naked child and obłóżmy them with towels soaked in cold water or let cool bath. If the temperature drops to 38 degrees Celsius, we can dispense with cooling the body and quietly wait for the doctor.
Sunstroke: Complications

Complications of heatstroke can be multiple organ failure, including lung or kidney disease. They can appear arrhythmia, ischemia of the body, seizures, and coma. If the patient in time will not receive the treatment, heat stroke can cause death.
Sunstroke: prevention

To prevent heatstroke, you must always remember the headdress child. It should not even be on the air without headgear (cap, hat, scarf). It is also necessary lubrication of body creams with high filter and the establishment airy clothes in bright colors that will reflect the sun's rays. We must also be aware of the child's regular irrigation.     
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