INFLUENZA the child. How to recognize the disease and how to treat it?

 Flu in children are easily confused with the autumn cold. When the baby is irritable, listless, no appetite and has a high fever, you may get sick with the flu. What to do in case of this disease and when they go to the doctor?

Autumn promotes viruses. If the child has reduced immunity, poor diet and used inappropriately dressed, can not only catch a cold, but also get the flu. How to distinguish between a viral infection from colds?

Flu in children: symptoms

The first symptoms are usually a runny nose and sneezing. Later he comes to this listless and drowsiness, irritability and loss of appetite. With time also begins to complain of headaches, throat and muscle aches. It is also an important symptom of fever, which often exceeds 39 degrees. Do not underestimate these symptoms - flu in a child, as an adult, can have serious complications.
Flu in children: treatment Home

Influenza child may first be allowed to cure methods. It is recommended bed rest and drinking hot drinks to avoid dehydration. Best infusions of linden tea with raspberry juice and honey and lemon. In case of fever it is good to do cold compresses and do not overheat your baby.

Doctors advise against several blankets covering him and holding in a stuffy room. Chills, which usually take as a sign of cold and covered the baby the next blankets, are in fact muscle contractions - in this way the body tries to get rid of the disease. Stuffy room in turn support the growth of viruses, so remember to regularly ventilate them.

Flu in children: when to go to the doctor?

Flu you just have wyleżeć - Antibiotics are ineffective, so annealing in bed is the best medicine. However, if the child does not improve, and the fever does not go away after three days, you should see a doctor. In special cases, he may prescribe antiviral drugs, in others - recommends week lying in bed.
Flu in children: perhaps vaccination?

People who are susceptible to infection, may be vaccinated against flu. Vaccination is paid for and protects against the three most common strains of virus: H1N1, H3N2 and type B against the virus most effectively protect small children from 6 months to 2 years of age.  
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