Allergic to strawberries in a child: Symptoms and Treatment

Allergic to strawberries does not belong to the most common allergies, but if there is, can greatly impair a child's health. What is revealed allergic to strawberries and how to treat them?

Strawberries are one of the most popular seasonal fruit. We eat them whole or processed. We do with them, compotes, jams, preserves, sorbets, desserts. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy their appearance on markets. Allergic to strawberries relates primarily to children, but also occurs in adults.

Although allergists say that allergy to strawberries does not happen very often, in practice it is observed more frequently. Unfortunately, the allergic reaction can occur not only after eating the same fruit. Can also cause products in which strawberries are the only addition. They may be yogurt, pastries, desserts, etc.

Very often, doctors advise against eating strawberries pregnant women. We do not recommend the administration of these fruits infants to 10.-12. months.

Allergic to strawberries is associated with histamine. In brief, this neurohormone in contact with the allergen causes swelling. In other words, histamine is a relay that turns the mechanism of inflammation in the human body.

Allergic to strawberries: allergy to strawberries

The first clear signs of an allergy to strawberries appear in the oral cavity. Our child (and ourselves) may feel a burning sensation or tingling around the mouth. In extreme cases swelling of the tongue and difficulty breathing caused by contraction of the upper respiratory tract.

Further symptoms of allergy to strawberries are itching, rash, urticaria and dermatitis. It is the disorder of the skin are the most common symptoms that occur in children.

The third symptom often occurs in parallel with the other, the complaints from the gastrointestinal tract. Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain.

Reactions may occur less often similar to other allergies: rhinitis and related sneezing, headaches, conjunctivitis, watery, bloodshot eyeballs and finally anaphylactic shock. A symptom of the latter include drop in blood pressure, tiredness, shortness of breath or palpitations.

Allergic to strawberries: treatment

If you have not seen our child was allergic to strawberries, and these symptoms began to appear after eating the fruit, at first, above all, we must remove them from the menu of our kids. Unfortunately, the most common concerns not only the fruit but also products containing strawberries in processed form. These include yogurt, ice cream, desserts, fruit, preserves and jams, pastries, etc.

When you notice that your baby reacts allergic to strawberries we should go to your GP for a referral to visit an allergy clinic.

Strawberry is next to citrus, the most sensitizing fruit. In the case of food allergies is sufficient to eliminate allergens from your diet. Importantly, it happens that associated with food allergies the child grows.
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