How to care for your teeth, everything about the child's oral hygiene

 Knowing how to take care of your child's teeth and adherence to the basic principles of oral hygiene will allow him to maintain healthy teeth for years to come. The earlier you take care of children's teeth, the better.

Questions about how to take care of the baby teeth should ask themselves as soon as possible. According to data collected by the Polish Association for Soaps, Detergents and up 51.3 percent year-olds have tooth decay, and the older children, the worse it gets. Among 6-year-olds the percentage is 85.4 and 18-year-olds - 96. The numbers are staggering, and we really could not be otherwise. He noted Dr. Anna Oborska, Director General of the Association:

- A man has an unusual defense system. Enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body, acting dam for bacteria. However, in the composition of our saliva are enzymes which destroy bacteria. Then plaque, protecting the enamel from acids. But it's all for nothing if you do not learn how to take care of teeth and oral hygiene.
How to care for your teeth: dental hygiene in children

How to care for children's teeth? Here are some great tips and answers to key questions about the child's oral hygiene.

1. How to care for your teeth: when I take a child to the dentist?

Parents often enroll their children to the dentist when they are already of school age, or only when there is no other choice: the child as a toothache, the dentist remains the only solution. It is not surprising that the youngest is not always a good associate. Meanwhile, on the first visit is best to choose just after the first milk tooth.

- A child who at that time was the first time visiting the dentist, gets used to it. Can play on overground up and down the chair, watch tools, talk to your doctor. The child wakes up trust, not fear. Small children is recommended follow-up visits every six months, if the former will have a good impression on him, there will be no problem with bringing of him for the next - provides Dr. Paul Zaborowski, dentist, lecturer at the preparatory courses for specialization of dental and medical consultant.

2. How to care for your teeth: when a child should begin to brush your teeth?

Not every parent knows that oral hygiene is best to take care of the child already before it appears in his first milk teeth. After feeding the baby should wash the gums. Of course, it takes a considerable delicacy and two elements: water and gas, which slightly soaked. Gaza must always be fresh and intended for single use only.

Toothbrushing begins, as in the case of visits to the dentist, the moment of appearance of the first tooth. Children under one year of age should not use toothpaste, just wash them using the same toothbrush. Brush it should be for children, which is soft and delicate head. Then choose a special toothpaste for children. It is the earliest start teaching a child how to care for your teeth. Therefore, even when we bathe a small child, let alone wash his teeth. Probably before he does, he often has time to soak your toothbrush in water in which a washed your whole but brushing your teeth gets in his habit.

3. How to care for your teeth: how long and how often you brush your teeth?

The teeth - and a child and an adult - should be washed two minutes at least twice a day - morning and evening. Since it is difficult to feel alone, or already washing two minutes had passed or not, you have several facilities. Buy an electric toothbrush with a timer - for children from 3 years of age - or to download a special mobile phone application designed to facilitate the youngest brushing your teeth. One of them - the Clean Teeth - by equal two minutes wins the singing, encouraging washing teeth. The action may be more effective than many parental arguments.

For a child it not without significance is the "hardware", which is brush your teeth. Fortunately, in stores you can choose a brush in many designs and colors of your favorite characters from fairy tales and cartoons. Similarly, pastes - the choice of packaging, and above all, tastes, is huge. It is worth noting that if we can find children's toothpaste strawberry, or raspberry Poziomkowa, so far, not without reason, the chocolate in vain to look for.

4. How to care for your teeth: how to brush your teeth?

We already know what brush your children's teeth, but how to do it? First, we wash them from the outer side by drawing them gently wheels. Then we move to the inner side of the teeth. At the front we are made moves up and down, and at the side - forwards and backwards. Then lightly brush our language and already! The child should spit out the water, and we - Rinse your toothbrush. Remember to change your toothbrush every 3 months on average. Interestingly, although it is mostly washed his teeth, not only putting toothpaste on the toothbrush, but also gently rinsing it with water, it is not the best solution. The same paste that was enough, and the water washes away from it a little fluoride. If the habit can not opt ​​out of the water, more gently pour it with water before applying the paste, and not after the operation.

4. How to care for your teeth: what to avoid?

To avoid problems with teeth, especially tooth decay, note that:

    Being a mom, do not drool child's pacifier. Often, when the pacifier falls to the ground, and the baby cry it calls mom she takes him into her mouth, considering that in this way it cleans. That is not happening. If the mother has tooth decay, and, looking at the Poles it is very likely, thus doing its best to move it to your child.
    Sweets are also not advisable. Included in these carbohydrates lead to the production of acids damaging the enamel. No need to eliminate them entirely, especially since children love the most candy, but limit their consumption to one - two days a week.
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